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Year 9 Advance Report- Courtney Higlett

What an adventure! The Year 9’s embarked on an 8.5km walk on the 8th of June which saw them walk from Allenvale Mill Site to Blanket Leaf Picnic Ground. The Advance teachers had walked this track the night before to ensure it wasn’t too long for our year 9’s legs. Although the site of glow worms in the dark was rewarding the slippery rocks and deep mud was a bit much for 7pm on a Tuesday night.

The next morning the Year 9’s came prepared with wet weather gear and plenty of food and water. We warned them that this hiking expedition was going to be challenging and the need for teamwork and leadership was going to be imperative. After we shuttled the students down to Allenvale and left the bus at Blanket leaf we began our walk. We had a leader and of course a whip. The whip made sure that all students kept up with the pace. Mia, Alice and Karah did a fantastic job as leaders on the walk but let down the team with noise pollution when they discovered leaches on their shoes!

All students did a great job navigating the track and tackling 24 creek crossings. The rocks were very slippery which meant the chance of getting wet was real! Bailey took the fall of the day, but he managed to solider through to the end encouraging others along the way.

Halfway through the hike Perry couldn’t believe how much fun he was having, ‘This isn’t me! I never enjoy the outdoors and I’m loving this hike today’.

After a great discussion at lunch about the importance of positive communication, teamwork and being supportive, everyone came together and worked very well to tackle the hardest part of the hike. Climbing up and over slippery fallen trees, and through deep mud where some of the challenges we faced.

As we were nearing the end of the expedition, Perry got momentum and lead the team home. The students beat the teacher with a time of 2. 5 hours! It left just enough time for us to make it to our Coast Guardians session with GORCC down in the dunes, pulling weeds and planting new vegetation. It was an extremely tiring and exciting day for our year 9 Advance team. Mr Speed and I are ecstatic at the effort that was put into a great day!

Well done Year 9’s!

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Year 10 Advance

During this semester in Advance we have participated in many activities and learnt a number of new skills. Our course includes the Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation with competence based training and units. We started off with surfing, and had a day where we worked together learning how to instruct and also building our own skills. We went to Cumberland River beach then made our way to Wye River. We then headed back out for a final surf. All in all an enjoyable day.

Lola – “It was cold at the start, but then the sun came out and it turned out to be an awesome day!”

Our next activity was fishing at the Lorne Pier. The day started off with a breakfast buffet at the Grand Pacific Hotel closely followed by a talk from two fisheries officers. The talk was great and we all were able to learn heaps from these two very experienced guys. After the talk we headed to the Aquatic Club and spent the rest of the day on the pier fishing. It was a beautiful day and even though not many people caught fish it was very relaxing and an enjoyable.

Gabe – “It was a good day and we ended up catching a couple of fish. It was a good day because everyone had fun and got involved”

Next activity was surfing but this time we were instructing the young primary school kids. It was a very cold day but everyone pushed on through and helped make it fun.

Tilo – “it was gnarly, got the adrenaline pumping, the kids improved heaps throughout the session”

Sunny- “ I loved it because the waves were good and I managed to get in to a barrel”

April-“I liked it very much and did a tumble turn in a wave”

Straight after the surfing we went up to the Aquatic Club and had a BBQ before heading out onto the pier and having another go at fishing, this time with lures. The weather made it tricky with the wind but all in all it was good day.

Oscar B-“ I ate a lot, and enjoyed fishing with friends and having fun”

We then went mountain bike riding at Forrest. It was quite muddy after some rain the day before. While we were riding we went to the Forrest Reservoir it was really great and beautiful.

Liam- “It was fun, the instructors were good and very helpful. All the tracks were good to ride on.”

Matt – “I really enjoyed the well maintained tracks and riding through the gums mate”

Mountain biking again but this time we went to the You Yang’s. It was raining a little bit. It was very enjoyable as the track was cruisy and had few jumps. It was so pretty because there weren’t any weeds or shrubs, just trees. You could go really fast because there wasn’t many roots in the path and it was quite easy, if you weren’t experienced you could skip the hard parts.

Phoebe- “It was fun and challenging, I liked the scenery because it was very pretty.”

We have two camps coming up; the closest one is the Hotham ski trip. Everyone is looking forward to it. We have all wanted a camp in the snow for ages. The camp that requires the most preparation is the Snowing River rafting camp later in the year. It is looking to be an amazing trip, the years that have gone before us have always said that it’s an amazing experience.

Oscar- “I’m looking forward to the ski camp because I haven’t been to the snow in a while, I know everyone will have fun.”

We would like to thank all of the volunteers and community members and businesses that allow our activities to run so smoothly and often cheaper or free due to donations. The Fisheries officers for the free presentation and discussion, the Grand Pacific Hotel for the free use of their venue and discounted buffet, the Lorne Aquatic and Angling Club for donating their venue, time, resources and expertise, including a BBQ, Lorne Hardware for donating fishing lures and assistance and Go RATS for the epic adventures in Forrest and the You Yang’s. Without the help of our community, these activities and this program couldn’t run. Thank you all so much, we hope that we can return our gratitude as active participants in our local communities and beyond. We love our environment and we love having access to it all!

Xaliya- “I love the environment we live in and I really enjoy Advance because we get to utilise and appreciate it.”





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