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Athletics Day

Winners Photo

Congratulations to all involved in yesterday’s House Athletic Sports. The weather was great and there was plenty of spirited competition from all ages.  It was wonderful to see the way that the older students supported the younger ones and and that reminded us of the benefits of being a P-12 school environment.

Congratulations to Erskine House who won the day!

Special thanks to the organising team, particularly Amy Lane and Simon Scholtes for the many hours spent ensuring a safe and successful sports day. Next Wednesday we travel to Apollo Bay for the Otway Cluster Sports; any student who came first or second in an event will be part of the team.

2017 House Athletics Results

Osprey – 837

Erskine -1012

Age Group Champions

Age Group Champion Runner Up
18- 20 yr Male Jarred Shaw Alex Umbers
18-20 yr Female Zoe Yorke Sarah O’Connor
17yr Male Justin Pimentel Oscar Caufield
17yr Female Emily Ross Kaye Pulido
16yr Male Gabriel De Lima Simon Umbers
16yr Female Phoebe Lingam Xaliya Hancock
15yr Male Matt Connell Oscar Jones
15yr Female Jade Jane Alice Phillips
14yr Male Miguel Pulido Fraser Balderas
14yr Female Tasmyn Fulton Lucia Hill
13yr Male Juna Hack Vilnis Medenis
13yr Female Mary Lou Hylands Kiarra McKerron
12Yrs Male Lenny Sloan Archie Atwell
12Yrs Female Devi Phieler Zaiya Kovacic
11Yrs Male Will Van Maasdyk Lucas Van Maasdyk
11Yrs Female Caitlin O’Rourke Rita De Bon
10Yrs Male Harley Peillon Olly Guerrero
10Yrs Female Mia Bayley Tilly Borwick
9Yrs Male Jack Lynch Rhys Peillon
9Yrs Female Bella Reynolds Sophie Tank



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