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The importance of maintaining regular school attendance cannot be understated. In Victoria it is mandatory that all students under the age of 17 years are enrolled in and regularly attending school (unless they have left to pursue an approved pathway into the workforce).

Many students feel comfortable with the idea that 80% attendance at school is acceptable. After all, 80% on a test would usually earn the student an ‘A’. However, 80% attendance at school is still considered far too low. To put this into perspective, if a student only attends school for 80% of the time, they will have missed a total of two and half years of schooling from Prep to Year 12. This will have a highly detrimental impact on any student’s learning.

At Lorne P-12 College, we ask that our students and families commit to a maintaining above 90% attendance at school. Adding to this, we expect same day contact for every absence (via the absence hotline) to explain the reason for any child being away. Similarly, if a student is late for any reason at any time of the day, they must sign in at reception and a reason for the lateness is expected.

We maintain highly accurate attendance data that is monitored by the Department of Education. If the school or the DET determines that a young person’s school attendance rate is too low, or that a family is not communicating the reasons for absences, they may contact families directly and ask for an explanation and to offer support for re-engagement.

For any students and families who need support with school attendance, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss the issues and see what help we can offer. There are multiple avenues to support and encourage students to stay connected to school.

Our goal for 2019 is for all Lorne P-12 College students to maintain attendance above 90%. I know many students will be well above this target! Regular school attendance is the key to deep learning, strong social connections and improved future pathways.

Shane Elevato,



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