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Bugingham Palace

Bugingham PalaceThe P-2 students have been very busy conducting research and collecting information on the insects that make their homes in our school yard and our bushland reserve. Worried about the impact of humans on these little creatures and their preferred habitats, the students came up with some inspiring designs for an Insect Hotel, to provide a safe and comfortable refuge for creatures on the move. Based on the information they gathered, the students collected a variety of natural materials (pine cones, gum nuts, seed pods, bark, hollowed logs, etc.) and passed their designs onto Daryl Love, one of our Aireys Inlet members of the Anglesea Men’s Shed. Daryl did an amazing job combining all of the students’ ideas to construct a very attractive and sturdy frame for our very swish hotel. It has now been erected in our school reserve, beautifully landscaped by the students, and is already attracting lots of creepy crawly patrons. Next time you walk through our reserve, make sure you stop and have a look.


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