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Busy Bees and Yummy Honey

This week the P-2 class have learnt all about beekeeping and tasted lots of delicious honey. Grace Rey, Jude Crosbie and Banjo Pickering are all junior bee keepers and each of them supplied a jar of their own honey for taste testing. DELICIOUS.

We saw Grace, Jude and Banjo dressed in their bee suits and looked at all the interesting tools and equipment needed to be a bee keeper…the ‘smoker machine’ was a highlight (thanks Grace).

“They all looked like astronauts”   …Sophie Pocock Grade 2

“Bees collect nectar” … Annie Beamish Prep

“Did you know the little things in the honeycomb is sweet like sugar”…Arlo Phieler Prep

“ I liked tasting the honey” …Elroy Spiteri   Grade 1

“ I liked tasting the different honey and I went back 3 times for more”…Kai Lassila Grade 2






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