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Emergency Activity

A multi-agency Great Ocean Road Working Group (led by Victoria Police and Emergency Management Victoria) has been conducting a series of emergency exercises along sectors of the Great Ocean Road to test different scenarios and improve emergency planning in the region; October the 31st was Lorne’s turn.

The exercises were predominantly attended by emergency services, but invitations were also extended to key community members.  For Lorne, both the school and the hospital were invited to participate.

It was a very interesting day! An emergency scenario was set for the community and then responses and challenges were documented as the teams responded to the unfolding emergency situation.

As the school principal, I was part of the Lorne local response team. It was great to have the opportunity to discuss our community’s access to services and to also identify some of the areas of challenge that we face during a community emergency. Personally, I felt that communication technologies and possible community isolation were two of our biggest challenges.

It was very reassuring on the day to see the high degree of expertise and professionalism from the emergency services staff as they worked in local, regional and State teams to manage our unfolding emergency scenario.

As a school, we will continue to refine our own emergency planning, including improving our own communications system. Later this year, we will be testing out an SMS Emergency Messaging system!

Emergency Exercise


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