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Fire Preparedness


At the request of the Lorne Fire Brigade, District 7 CFA has provided funding to have career fighter fighters crew the Lorne Fire Station for two weeks from Boxing Day to the Pier to Pub. The aim of this support was to reduce daytime response demands on volunteer fire fighters to allow volunteers to focus on their businesses during the busy tourism period and to provide full time daytime response coverage when Lorne is very busy. The career fire fighters also assisted volunteers helping to update Pre-Incident Plans for key buildings in Lorne such as the School.


Ocean Grove CFA Station Officer Adam Shearer and his team visited Lorne P-12 College with Geoff Couper on Tuesday the 3rd of January to help update the school Pre-Incident Plan and discuss the emergency measures in place at the Lorne School. The Pre-Incident Plan will assist Lorne Brigade volunteer fire fighters to respond effectively in the event of an emergency at Lorne P-12 College.


The Department of Education and Training (DET) in association with Emergency Management Victoria have worked closely to develop new policy that will ensure Victorian schools are prepared for bushfires. As you would be aware, when a Code Red Fire Danger Rating (FDR) day has been determined, schools on the Bushfire At Risk Register (BARR) are required to pre-emptively close. Our school is in that situation.


Now, under a new policy developed by DET certain schools in exceptional circumstances may also pre-emptively close or relocate on days where an Extreme FDR day has been forecast.  A decision to close or relocate will only be made in extreme circumstances and through close consultation with the Department of Education and Training, and advice from Emergency Management Victoria.  Parents will be notified of any closure or relocation by 3.00pm the day prior to the forecast Extreme (FDR) day.


Our highest priority is the safety of all of our students and staff, and the Department and Emergency Management Victoria have worked closely on this policy to ensure that all schools are prepared for the bushfire season.


Pictured above at the School are: Tanya Fauxx (Ocean Grove Fire Fighter), Adam Shearer (Ocean Grove), Simon McCormack (Leading District Fire Fighter) and James Butler (Corio).



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