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Front of School Landscaping

Front of School Landscaping

Our front of the school master plan works are finally underway! A huge thank you to all of the parents, community members and staff for their ongoing commitment to improving the facilities at our school. We are all excited to see the beginning of the construction work for master plan Stages 2 and 3 and it is progressing quickly.

Our contractors Southern Edge Landscapes and Chris Trigg Plumbing won the tender to complete the landscaping and beautification of the area extending from the Grove Road entrance to the RSL wing.

This work follows our extensive consultation process with the school community last year and ultimately development of the plans for the area. A huge thanks to our consultant architect Josh Crosbie and the Master plan sub-committee in developing the plans based on this consultation. The works include renewal and replacement of old and damaged storm water and sewerage pipes, construction of the new front fence, grassed and landscaped play areas and new paving and asphalting adjacent to the buildings and asphalting of the area between the P-2 wing and food technology building.

Part of these works has been funded through the Department of Education’s infrastructure improvement grant and this particularly includes the sewerage, storm water and pedestrian paving.

Thank you to the Falls Festival Grant from which the College received $10,000 last year; this will contribute to the construction of the front fence.  A huge thank you to the Parent Club for a amazing contribution of $53,947 towards the completion of the project which includes further funds for the front fence, and the significant improvements in landscaping and play areas in the area. What an outstanding effort with hours of hard work by so many hands!

The project is expected to be completed this term. Access to the front of the school for the duration of the project will be via the one small gate at the southern end of the Smith St entrance and we thank everyone for their cooperation during this exciting phase of the development.

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