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House Swimming Sports


On Tuesday the 14th of February, Lorne P-12 College held its first House swimming sports as our new school. The vibe was very positive and there was many opportunities for all students to be involved in many of the events. We had a fantastic presence from our VCE students who were wonderful role models for our younger students and particularly our new Yr 3 students who were participating for the first time. The cooler temperatures kept everyone swimming fast and the swimming performances were outstanding as per usual.  One of the highlights was the fashions on the day from many students from Yr 3 to Yr 12 demonstrating their team spirit by dressing up in fun outfits and house colours. It was the closest fight to the finish that we have had in recent history of the sports with the scores being very close prior to the relays and Osprey just coming in first by 10 points which is an incredible effort from both teams. This close result has make Erskine hungry for a win at the House Athletics sports on the 21st March.

Well done to all participants, staff and parents who assisted on the day and to all of the house captains who worked wonderfully to rally their house participants and make the day very enjoyable.

 2017 House Swimming Results – Osprey 500 & Erskine 490

 Age Group Champions


Age Group Champion Runner Up

18- 20 yr Male


Liam McCauley Harry Jones

18-20yr  Female


Sarah Everitt Megan Page

17yr Male


Justin Pimentel Mali Helene/Aidan Lewis

17yr Female


Olivia Addison Emily Ross

16yr Male


Oscar Balderas Simon Umbers

16yr Female


Phoebe Lingam Tameika Allen

15yr Male


Oscar Jones Bailey O’Connor/James Atkinson

15yr Female


Jade Jane Mia Brewster

14yr Male


Fraser Balderas Louis Coates

14yr Female


Lucia Hill Tasmyn Fulton

13yr Male


Juna Hack Vilnis Medinis

13yr Female


Kiara McKerron Mary Lou Hylands


12 Yrs Male


Lenny Sloan Aaron Griffiths
12 Yrs Female


Zaiya Kovacic Devika Phieler
11 Yrs Male


Lucas Van Maasdyk Dylan Muxworthy
11 Yrs Female


Rita De Bon/Madison Tank Caitlin O’Rourke
10 Yrs Male


Caleb Phieler Harley Peillon/Ollie Guerrero
10 Yrs Female


Tilly Borwick Mia Bayley
9 Yrs Male


Thomas Van Maasdyk Darcy Travers
9 Yrs Female


Pema Hack Bella Reynolds



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