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Indonesian Trip 2017

 Lorne P-12 College: ‘Perjalanan Indonesia 2017’ – Indonesian Trip 2017!

On Thursday 15th June 2017, 12 students and two teachers, Kylee Millar and Simon Scholtes left Australia for a two week Indonesian cultural experience. In the first week, students stayed with host families from their BRIDGE school (formed by the Asia Education Foundation through the Australia-Asia BRIDGE School partnership project) SMA 2 Muhammadiyah in Surabaya. Whilst in Surabaya, students gained deep insight into the everyday life of Indonesian people, including the social, cultural, historical and educational aspects of Indonesia.

During their time in Surabaya, students visited one of the largest mosques in the region, the Al-Akbar mosque and also the Cheng Ho mosque which represents the Chinese Islamic community of Surabaya. The mosque is seen as a symbol of peace, harmony and love among people of different faiths. Students also participated in the traditional practice of martial arts, pencak silat and batik painting and even managed to get interviewed and photographed by the local newspaper. In addition, as we were in Java which is predominately Muslim, the Ramadan month had started, so students were able to observe and experience this time of fasting for Islamic people. From dawn until the sun sets, Muslim people abstain from eating and drinking. It is a time to cleanse the soul, focus attention on God and put into practice selflessness. Students woke at 3am to enjoy breakfast time with their family and broke the fast at sunset on the streets of Surabaya with family and friends, which not many non-Muslim people get to experience during their lifetime! The connection between Lorne P12 College students and SMAMDA students was magnetic and it was very beautiful to see teenagers enjoying the simple pleasures in life, laughing and having fun. Lifelong friendships were formed and there were a few tears shed when we had to leave Surabaya.

The second week was spent in Bali, mostly in Ubud, Denpasar and Sanur. The mornings were spent studying Bahasa Indonesia at the Indonesian Australian Language Foundation in Denpasar. The afternoons involved a variety of cultural activities, including mask painting and traditional dancing. Students also went on a jungle trek in the Jatiluwih region and worked on rice plantations. They also visited the very beautiful and famous Tanah Lot temple, which was a sure highlight.

Tanah Lot is one of the important directional temples in Bali. The temple is located on a rock just offshore. It is said to be the work of revered 15th century Hindu priest Nirartha and forms an important element of Balinese spiritualism and mythology.

In addition, students really enjoyed practicing their bartering skills in several of the local markets and many of them brought home plenty of bargains!

The students and teachers returned to Australia, not only exhausted, but enriched through active participation in a range of activities which helped to develop their compassion and understanding of other people as well as their attitude to lifelong learning. The students have developed people-to-people links that will continue to develop communities of friends and learners across boarders that helps to develop understanding of the world from a global perspective.

Next year in February, our BRIDGE school from Surabaya will visit Lorne P12 College. We look forward to hosting them and having the opportunity to introduce them to the everyday life of Australian people on the Surf Coast of Victoria.

Terima kasih!

Ditulis oleh Bu Ky – Indonesian Teacher. Written by Bu Ky.


From the 15th to the 26th of June, 12 students from years 8-11 travelled overseas to Indonesia to participate in the twelve day Indonesian trip. There, we would not only have the opportunity to improve our language speaking skills by participating in language classes, but also experience the diversity of both Java and Bali Island, and notice the difference of culture, people and religion between the two islands.

The first four days of the Indonesian Trip were spent in Surabaya, a city located on the east side of Java Island. We stayed with some of the students from our sister school, SMA Muhammadiyah 2. In Surabaya, we not only had the opportunity to experience the everyday life, but also its cultural and religious aspects. On the first day, we visited our sister school, watched the process for a Muslim funeral, tried batik on t-shirts and watched Pencak Silat (Indonesian martial arts). The following day we visited Batu Secret Zoo, a large zoo with rides and had a delicious dinner at a villa owned by Harvey and Lloyd’s host family. On our last day, we visited the Al Akbar mosque, the second biggest mosque in Indonesia and the Sanggar Agung Temple. Our host students also took us to an amusement park, the Suroboyo Carnival, since it was our last night all together before leaving for Bali the next morning.

On Monday June 19th, we said our goodbyes to our host families at the airport and then took a one-hour flight to Bali. Once we landed in Bali, we met with our tour guide, Pak Partana who then took us to our hotel in Ubud, where we would be staying during the first two nights in Bali. We had dinner at the Laka Leke Restaurant where we watched a Kecak fire dance, a traditional type of Balinese dance before returning to our hotel. The next day we drove to the Jatiluwih, and walked through the rice fields followed by a visit to a local coffee plantation to try the famous kopi Luwak. This is coffee made by the droppings from the animal called a ‘luwak’ also known as a civet in English. The following day was a trip to Waterbom Park, the Discovery mall right across Waterbom, and a quick visit to Kuta beach before going to our hotel in Sanur, where we would stay for the remainder of the trip.

The next three days in Sanur consisted of language class from 8am to 12pm at the Indonesia Australia Language Foundation then visiting one of Bali’s tourist destinations. On the first day of language class, we met our teachers and were split into three different classes based on our Indonesian skills and afterwards painted traditional wooden Balinese masks in Ubud. The next day we met some Papuan kids who were learning English at the school. We talked to them in Indonesian and gave them Australian coins which they all loved and appreciated. On the same day we also learnt how to cook traditional Bali food in Mengwi and had dinner at a Warung nearby the hotel. After the last day of language class we visited Tanah Lot Temple, a Hindu temple on the ocean. For our very last day in Indonesia, we went shopping at the nearby shops and learnt how to barter. We then we relaxed and swam by the pool before being dropped off at the airport for an overnight flight to Melbourne.

The Indonesian Trip was a rewarding experience and one I will never forget. Over the span of twelve days, I not only had the opportunity to improve my Indonesian language immensely, but also witness both the Islam culture of Java island as well as the Hindu aspects of Bali. I also learnt the laid-back, live-in-the-moment lifestyle of the Indonesians and met the kind-hearted people of Surabaya and know that if I want to return to Surabaya one day, I will always have a home to stay at.

Terima kasih banyak Bu Ky dan Pak Scholtes. (Thank you very much Bu Ky and Mr Scholtes!)

Some student reflections from the Indonesian Trip:

My key learnings from the trip is how kind and respectful the Indonesian people are to everyone.

My main highlight would definitely be staying with the host family. They were all so fun to hang out with and their hospitality was amazing.

The Indonesian Trip overall was one of the best trips I could participate in. It was well worth the money and my only wish is that it could’ve been longer as I didn’t want to leave.

There were so many highlights of the trip but the best thing for me was being able to experience the culture and everyday life of Indonesians.

I enjoyed everything! Staying with the host family, learning Indonesian and making heaps of new friends!

I loved experiencing the traditional life of Indonesia and living with a host family. I have also learnt that the Indonesians respect and treasure their relationships with their family.

I learnt that I’m not extremely bad at speaking Indonesian and that I can stay with a totally different family. I enjoyed the week in Surabaya the most because it was a totally different experience staying with a host family.

I have learnt many new words and am very aware of the polite customs in Surabaya. I really admire how respectful the people are there and it feels like a really safe place. I have also learnt a lot about Islam religion and the month of fasting – Ramadan. I have also increased my fluency with speaking Indonesian after attending language school.

One of the greatest experiences of my life so far and I hope to go back. Thank you so much.

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