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Lantern Parade 2015 – Leah Sterritt

Lantern 16aThe soup makers, led by Stephanie, gathered and peeled, chopped, diced and stirred as they created three marvellous soups for the hungry hordes.
Up at Willows the Parade leader (Fay) rugged up in her best leading garb and worked out her lines with Amanda, the four seasons, compass points pulled their shoulders back and prepared their big voices and in front of the White Queen the ritual began.
After we welcomed back the sun we held our lanterns high and walked through the black night back to the Aireys Inlet Campus eco kitchen, which had been miraculously transformed by more volunteers and was now resplendent with coloured lights, inviting fire pits and the smells of warming soup.
The next volunteers took over the helm and served the dinner before the entertainment began. Barb and Aoife led some of the children in an Irish dance before Eliza enthralled us all, young and old, with a story about an interesting family that didn’t caLantern 3are what others thought about them. Yummy organic ice creams, donated by Stephanie and Dean, were devoured before the final part of our celebration, the gum nut ceremony. Throwing gum nuts into the fire and bidding farewell or releasing something, as we bade goodbye to another successful Lantern Parade.
Many thanks to all those who helped with time, goods, energy or ideas. Especially big thanks to Amanda George and Stephanie Lewis for putting up their hands this year and taking on something new. Big thanks to Liz Lee for all the lantern parades she has done in the past and all the lanterns has she made with the students. Thanks to the great students of Aireys Inlet, our Lorne friends who visited and the future students who joined in and a big thanks to the parents for coming out in the cold.

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