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Losing the Locks for a Cause!

Bella Guerrero, Ellie Borwick and Bella Howley from Year 3/4 recently cut their hair to donate. We are extremely proud of making such a big decision for a great cause. We asked them some questions about their big decision.

Why did you cut off your beautiful long hair?

I cut off my hair to donate it to the Leukaemia Foundation – Bella Howley and Ellie B.

I cut off my hair because one of my friends has cancer and my hair can make wigs for people who don’t just have cancer but other conditions that make them loose their hair.

How much did you cut off?

Bella Guerrero- 38 cm

Bella Howley- 45 cm

Ellie Borwick- 35 cm

Who will this help?

It will help everybody who needs hair because they don’t have their own maybe because they are sick- Bella Guerrero

Hopefully it will be made into wigs for anyone that loses their hair- Bella Howley

My hair will help kids with cancer and other diseases which stop your hair from growing. Ellie Borwick




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