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Music Program

The College will continue to offer tuition in guitar, bass guitar, piano, drums, violin, and voice. I would like to welcome a new instrumental teacher to the school, Roger Tuner who will be teaching guitar, bass guitar and a new instrument addition ukulele! Information on how to sign up for instrumental lessons can be found on the school website in the right hand column under “USEFUL LINKS” click on “Instrumental Music Enrolment”.


This year, the College music enrolment has grown dramatically. Due to this spike in interest, the school is calling out to parents and friends from the Lorne community to donate all musical equipment that is no longer wanted. The students at Lorne would greatly benefit from all instruments or equipment that could be donated. You can either drop it off at the main office or if assistance is required for transportation, please contact Mr John Waller at the main office and he will arrange a time for a pick up.


Specific things we require:

Bass Guitars

Guitars – Acoustic/Electric

Bass/Electric Guitar Amplifiers

Classical Instruments – Violin, Cello

PA Speakers and Amplifiers

Music Stands

Guitar Stands

Guitar Effects Pedals

Instrument Cables

Drum Sticks

Drum Kits

Drum Cymbals

Percussion Instruments


If you have any questions about any of the above information please contact Mr John Waller at the main office.


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