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Mystery Visitors

Ted & the penguinsSome very mysterious looking characters made an appearance in Aireys for the two day shire wide Surf Coast Arts Trail. The Trail attracted entries from the large pool of local talent, our own students.

Under the inspirational guidance of art teacher, Miss Amanda, all Aireys Inlet students participated in the creation of an eclectic assortment of scarecrows who welcomed art lovers to the town for the special event. Visitors were greeted by penguins, a whale on Paincillac Creek, soccer players, surfers and more. They were popping up all over the place!!

Most of these characters are now gracing vegetable gardens around town, doing a great job keeping unwanted intruders at bay. The students love being part of this exciting community event, and enjoy showing off their talents to the many visitors who drop in for a dose of some very special Aireys Inlet culture.

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