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Parents and Friends Fundraising

The staff have been very excitedly spending the Parents and Friends Club fundraising monies on a variety of resources to enhance our teaching and learning programs. The students and staff greatly appreciate all the hard work that the school community has put into raising the money and we especially thank the coordinators of our school events for their enthusiasm and organisational skills. These are the latest items being funded:


Item Cost Area
Sister School Visit 2018 $1,000 Indonesian Program
Art Smocks & Guillotine $1,122 Art Room
Toaster Oven for cooking $100 3/4 Class
Nelson Readers $500 P-2 Classes
Portable A-frame Whiteboard $1,000 5/6 Class
TV for Room 22 $1,000 Science Room
New piano transport and tuning $580 Music Dept
Science probes – oxygen and CO2 $400 Science Dept

Thank you, thank you, thank you!



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