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Amanda records a voiceover for A Potted History of The Great Ocen Road.

Amanda records a voiceover for A Potted History of The Great Ocen Road.

Lorne Aireys-Inlet P-12 College has been a standout school in the delivery of VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning), particularly in the area of integrated learning. Over the past 5 years, teams of VCAL students have engaged in a variety of projects incorporating business, community relationships, construction and media production. VCAL Coordinator Cherie Osta has received a VCAL teaching excellence award for her efforts in driving these projects, and is a local leader in the Quality Assurance processes in her region.

Cherie invites VALA Safari participants to get up close to the successful practises that Lorne Aireys Inlet P-12 have developed to raise the bar for their students. During a tour of the school, students will showcase the results of their integrated project efforts, including; the ‘Men’s Shed’ – a large purpose-built workshop in which construction projects are delivered, the ‘Doll’s House’ – an historical building in the Lorne School campus that has been remodelled into a literacy support space, and their video production ‘A Pot-Holed History of the Great Ocean Road’. This production was a joint venture between the students and the Lorne Historical Society, and was their major contribution to the FREEZEFRAME project screened at the Lorne Cinema. The short film was awarded the Judge’s Special Prize for Excellence in the Victorian History Awards and has been featured on the ABC’s website.

The tour will also focus on the Year 9 Hands on Learning program, as well as a look at the schools VCAL integrated learning space. Included will be morning tea and lunch catered by the VCAL students. Lunch will be based on a traditional ‘Ocean Road Worker’s Lunch’, recreating some of the traditional recipes used to feed the returned soldiers who were responsible for the construction of the Great Ocean Rd between 1919 and 1932.

All of the projects featured on the tour have a strong connection to the local community of Lorne. Cherie will explain how the students managed to develop partnerships and mentored relationships with local businesspeople, volunteers and historians who in turn helped bring the students ideas to life. She will also describe how these relationships have helped to develop pathways for students into successful employment options in the local area.

As the featured school on our tour, the Lorne Aireys-Inlet P-12 VCAL program will inspire participants to think outside of their regular programming and to tap into the riches of local community.