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Our school expects that all school community members behave in a manner that respects the personal, physical and emotional well being and property of others.

We aim to create a friendly, cooperative, safe and supportive environment which builds confidence and encourages individual achievement. We aim to nurture positive relationships between all members of the school community and promote individual responsibility in pursuit of these aims.

Students’ Rights

  1. To have the opportunity to learn.
  2. To feel safe physically and emotionally.
  3. To have their personal property respected by others.
  4. To be treated fairly and with respect.
  5. To appropriately express their opinions and to be heard.
  6. To seek changes in school policies and procedures through the appropriate channels.
  7. To know what is expected of them and what the consequences are of fulfilling or not fulfilling these expectations.

Students’ Responsibilities

  1. To learn to the best of their ability.
  2. To take responsibility for their own learning.
  3. To respect the rights of others.
  4. To treat other people with consideration, politeness, fairness, friendliness and respect.
  5. To respect the property of others and the school.
  6. To obey all school rules.
  7. To maintain the good name and reputation of the Lorne-Aireys Inlet P-12 College.

Teachers’ Rights

  1. To teach without undue interruptions or interference.
  2. To feel safe physically and emotionally.
  3. To have their personal property respected by others.
  4. To be treated fairly and with respect.
  5. To appropriately express their opinions and to be heard.
  6. To seek changes to school policy and procedures through the appropriate channels.
  7. To have access to support structures when needed.

Teachers’ Responsibilities

  1. To implement all school policies.
  2. To respect the rights of others.
  3. To encourage and support all students in their attempts to learn by providing
  4. appropriate curriculum.
  5. To encourage good working habits.
  6. To maintain a classroom atmosphere conducive to learning.
  7. To treat other people with consideration, politeness, fairness, friendliness and respect.
  8. To be an appropriate role model.
  9. To inform the students what is expected of them and what the consequences are of
  10. fulfilling or not fulfilling these expectations.
  11. To cooperate with parents to maximise students’ learning and maintain appropriate
  12. student behaviours.
  13. To maintain the good name and reputation of the Lorne – Aireys Inlet P-12 College.

Parents’ Rights

  1. To be informed about their child’s progress and achievement at school.
  2. To be informed about their child’s behaviour.
  3. To seek changes to school policies and procedures through the appropriate channels.
  4. To appropriately express their opinions and be heard.
  5. To be treated fairly and with respect.
  6. To have access to support and resources.

Parents’ Responsibilities

  1. To show an active interest in their child’s learning.
  2. To cooperate with teachers to maximise student learning and to maintain appropriate
  3. student behaviour.
  4. To ensure that their child attends school regularly and punctually.
  5. To be aware of and support school policy, procedures and events.
  6. To provide the school with current telephone numbers, addresses and medical
  7. information.
  8. To emphasize, to students, the importance and value of education.
  9. To notify the school office of all absences and non participation in activities during
  10. school hours.

As an overall principle, the school expects that everyone should behave in a manner that respects the personal, physical, emotional wellbeing and property of others.

All people must appreciate that the school functions within the common law and statutory requirements.


  1. All Year Level teachers at Aireys Inlet and at Lorne P-6 will devise a classroom student well being and management plan appropriate to their class. (see P-6 cross campus section)
  2. The school wide rules, which must be displayed in every room, are as follows. The rules can be displayed in language appropriate to the age level of the students.

Students must:

  • follow reasonable instructions from school staff members
  • be punctual
  • unless otherwise instructed, remain seated during the lesson, seek permission
  • to leave the room and before entering other classes
  • unless otherwise instructed, raise their hand to speak
  • properly express their opinions, and allow others to properly express their
  • opinions without interruption
  • respect the personal space and property of each individual
  • accept that the following behaviours are prohibited: fighting, play fighting,
  • smoking, using illegal substances, spitting, bullying, swearing, name calling,
  • rude gestures, excessive noise and gum chewing
  • address staff appropriately by their preferred title
  • If mobile phones and portable music devices are brought to school they are the student’s responsibility. Mobile phones and portable music devices may not be used in a classroom unless authorised by a teacher. When at school mobile phones must be turned off. If these guidelines are contravened the mobile phone and portable music devices will be confiscated and taken to the office.  First offence collect at end of the day. Second offence parent asked to collect the phone.

The emphasis of this policy is on preventing student misbehaviour and acknowledging positive behaviour as detailed below:


Homework is set as per the School’s homework policy. All homework must be completed by the time set unless an extension is given by the teacher. Failure to complete homework may result in a student staying in at lunchtime and supervised by the class teacher until the homework is completed.

Lateness (without note)

Unexplained late arrival to school/class requires the student to attend the office for a late pass with accumulated lost time being made up on a Wednesday night after a student has accrued a total of 20 minutes or more.

Repeat offenders may be defaulted to the student well being and management flow chart.


Student diaries are compulsory and students are expected to take them to all classes for organisational purposes


Lorne Aireys Inlet P-12 College has an Anti Bullying Policy as outlined in the staff manual


The Home Group (HG) teacher will check uniforms at the morning meeting. The following procedures will apply:

Student out of uniform without note:

  • HG teacher sends student to office
  • Student works in office for the day
  • HG teacher organises school work for student
  • Letter sent home at end of school day with student

Student out of uniform with a note:

  • HG teacher collects note & files in office student attends class as normal
  • Ongoing uniform breaches will be investigated via HG teacher & Welfare Coordinator if required.


  General Consequence
1. No smoking or use of alcohol in the school grounds, or during school hours. Suspension

Drug awareness program

2. No using or possessing illegal substances or coming to school under the influence. Police notified if necessary

Suspension, parent notified

3. Respect the environment. Littering or damaging property is prohibited. Pay repair/replacement costs/ pick up litter. A restitution activity may be applied where appropriate (eg: littering, chewing gum, spitting). Students may be required to undertake activities such as yard cleaning, graffiti removal, replacement of damaged items.
4. No skateboards, roller blades/skates or bicycles are to be ridden in the school grounds. Items will be confiscated
5. No fighting, unacceptable behaviour, play fighting, running around buildings, fighting, bullying, name calling, swearing, spitting, rude gestures or any other dangerous or unacceptable behaviour. Removed from yard and further consequences at the sub-school coordinator’s discretion.
6. Hats must be worn in the yard in Terms 1 and 4.All students P-12 must wear a hat in terms 1 and 4. No hat no play. Students must sit in covered area near rooms 18.19 and 20 or in the office if it is wet.
  Specified Areas  
7. All students are allowed to play outside the RSL wing, but this area is limited to ‘gentle’ activities. Preps at the Lorne campus must play within the boundaries indicated by the orange line.  
8. Australian rules football may only be played on the oval. All users of the multi purpose court must respect that it is a shared facility. Areas for other games will be adjusted seasonally. Ask to leave, if repeated sit on step.
9. No students, except VCE students, should be in their rooms at recess or lunch unless it is declared wet weather or they are under a teacher’s supervision/ written permission. Appropriate sanction for repeat offenders
10. The Adventure playground is for all students but it is a ‘gentle’ play area.  
11. No student below Year 3 is allowed on the oval. Sit on step
12. The following areas are out of bounds to all students:

  • the doll’s House beyond the driveway
  • all the land beyond the oval including the netball court, coaches box, scoreboard, bank
  • behind the Kindergarten
  • under any of the school buildings
  • behind the technology room
Sit on step
13. Lunch

  • Junior School students eat lunch in their classrooms.
  • For P-6 students, play does not commence until 12.50
  Lunch Leave  
  • Lunch leave applies to students in Years 11-12 who have permission from home via the general permission form completed at the start of the year.
  • Lunch leave is only for students buying lunch.
  • Students must go down the street and back again through the designated school crossing, and then via Grove Road or William Street only.
  • Students may not cross Mountjoy Parade.
  • Students must return to school by 1.10 pm at the latest.
  • Students should buy lunch and return to school immediately. Students must not ‘hang around’ down the street. Lunch is to be eaten at school, not in the vicinity of the shops.
  • Students should not be in any other shops except the food shop where they are buying lunch.
  • All normal school rules relating to general behaviour, smoking and the purchase and consumption of alcohol or prohibited substances apply.
  • Students must not litter either inside or outside the school yard – use bins.
  • Students must treat shopkeepers, members of the public and other students with politeness and respect and be good representatives for our school.
For a first offence, any student who chooses to ignore the lunch leave rules will have his/her lunch leave cancelled for two weeks, for a second offence for four weeks and a third offence one term. .



Excursion Rules


1. All relevant school rules will apply. Students who misbehave will either be excluded from future excursions or sent home immediately at their parents’ expense, depending on the offence.
2. No shouting out, rude gestures to be made or signs to be displayed from vehicle windows. Strategies for students who break excursion rules may include:

  • Educate/prepare students before excursions on what is expected of them. Counselling with sub-school Coordinator.
  • Conduct review and notice in student management data base.
  • Special supervision arrangements.
  • Exclusion from future excursions.
  • Sent home at parents’ expense.
3. No part of the body or object should ever be hanging out of vehicle windows, nor should anything be thrown from the vehicle.  
4. All requests made by supervising staff in charge of the excursion must be obeyed.  
5. The rules of the camp/establishment being visited should be observed at all times.  

Staff Work Room Rules

  1. No student is to enter the staff workroom or social staff room without permission.
  2. Photocopying by students during class time should be kept to a minimum and done in the Library.

Office Rules

  1. Students will not be issued with keys without the written permission of a staff member
  2. Students will not be permitted to use the telephone without the written permission of a staff member
  3. Students are not permitted to leave the school during class time and recess, the only exception being:
  • VCE students with a signed note for class work
  • VCE student with home study leave privileges

Bus Rules

Students must:

  • Obey immediately all the driver’s instructions.
  • Remain in allotted seats.
  • Wait for the bus to move off before crossing the road.
  • Be on time for the bus.

Students must not:

  • Eat food on the bus.
  • Have any part of their body outside the bus.
  • Kneel or place their feet on the seat.
  • Distract motorists or throw things from the bus.
  • Smoke on the bus or whilst waiting for the bus.
  • Bring dangerous articles or materials on the bus.
  • Leave any rubbish on the bus except in the bin provided.

Failure to follow these rules could lead to indefinite suspension from the bus OR if the driver considers that a student’s behaviour is a threat to other students or property, the driver may eject the offending student on the spot.

P-6 Cross Campus

As an overall principle, the school expects that everyone should behave in a manner that respects the personal, physical, emotional wellbeing and property of others.

Teachers will choose to use either a restorative or non restorative approach depending on the incident – this applies both in and out of the classroom.

General School Rules

  • Respect all people and property
  • Students are not to engage in dangerous behaviour
  • Students not to leave a room without permission
  • All students to eat lunch in specified area
  • The staff car park and driveway is out of bounds for Aireys Inlet students
  • Incidents in the yard should be reported to the staff member on duty
  • Students are to wear the correct school uniform
  • Students are not to bring food/drink in glass containers to school
  • Students will complete set homework as directed by their teachers