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Principal for a Day

Anthony Garnham was selected this year to be our Principal for a Day. Anthony is a Director at the Beacon Foundation, which was established in 1988 in Tasmania and has grown to become a national not for profit organisation, operating in all Australian states and territories.

The Beacon Foundation believes that every young person has the right to hope, a job, financial opportunity and the sense of personal success this provides. Beacon focuses on disadvantaged communities and areas of high youth disengagement and unemployment, where the risk and the need are greatest. They work with schools, businesses and communities to help bring relevance to the curriculum, and inspire young people to think about careers and experience the workplace, long before they leave school. This helps school retention rates and teaches real-life skills, preparing young people for the workplace. In 2015, Beacon assisted over 15,000 young Australians from just over 120 schools and communities.

Anthony loved visiting our school and I think he was particularly impressed with his conversations with our Yr 12 School Leaders. The breadth of experiences for students was highlighted as one of our school’s real successes. He was very interested to hear students speak confidently about their personal passions and their future pathways to seek employment in a related field.

Anthony and I are looking forward to building on our positive new partnership and particularly supporting our Year 10 students to experience a diverse range or work experience opportunities.

Principal for a Day


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