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Report from Camp Portsea

The camp at Portsea was really fantastic! Our 7-8 classes were full of excitement (but hot) when we arrived after our long walk from the Sorrento Ferry to the Portsea Camp. The first day at camp was filled with drama. Of course, some of us wanted to change our sleeping groups! We were allocated cabins that used to be used for the army before the world wars. They looked like they must surely be over one hundred years old and the old squeaky bunks were ancient.

After that we did stacks of activities and challenges. The snorkelling was amazing. We got to see a colourful array of fish – stingrays, squid, Aussie salmon, angler fish and some flathead and the beautiful cool water was an escape from the burning heat. It was also interesting learning about why there’s no colour in the coral ( because a trench was built just outside the bay and all the sand covered the coral blocking it from the light).It was also very exciting when we saw a male weedy sea dragon because none of us had ever seen one before and they look pretty cool. The snorkelling it was a great experience.

We also went canoeing on the gentle aquamarine waves in groups of nine with two amazing instructors. It was so much fun sharing our canoes and racing each other along the ocean. Some of us used the big yellow three seater canoes putting our paddles into the crystal clear water while playing a game of follow the leader where our instructor Joe was the leader. Everyone was treating it like a race to see who could get to Joe first. It was pretty intense at times because we thought we were going to crash into the boats, that looked very expensive, that were floating in the bay. It was an awesome session with a lot of people falling off their canoes while trying to paddle and a lot of laughing involved.

Most of us agreed the best challenge was the giant swing. Being hoisted up by everyone else while wearing a tight and awkwardly fitted harness was a blast. It seems dangerously high when you are up the top and when the rope is released it is the biggest adrenalin rush! The flying foxes were great fun too. At night we had walks, spooky story telling and games. It was a time where we all got to know each other better and found ourselves doing things we never dreamed of. Thanks to all the teachers and instructors who made the camp incredible.

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