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The Bricks 4 Kids company ran the day, with all students having access to Mindstorm Lego robotics and computer programming. Students made movable robots that were controlled by coding.

The grade 5/6 class made claws that they could program to pick up objects by coding. They assembled the robots with lego, used computers to program, uploaded the coding and could move around the room to pick up objects with their robotic claw.

“I made a roller coaster and it moved. I liked the robotics because we could make stuff,” Tanner Prep.

“I helped my friend make a robot, they were made out of electrics. I liked doing robotics because it’s the first time I have built something that could move by itself,” Toby Prep.

The students had a great day and we were fortunate the Bricks 4 Kids company could come to Lorne for the Incursion, keeping the costs down for our families, yet allowing the students the great opportunity of robotics and coding.

Kate Beamish

Robotics 2

Robotics 3



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