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Sailing Camp

Sailing camp wet, cold and windy doesn’t sound like much fun does it? But somehow it was with instructors who made rope tying fun, beautiful home cooked meals by Linda and everyone’s favourite, activities organised by Mr. Speed..

Going out to see endgame was one of the biggest highlights of the trip. Although Linda, Mr Speed were planning on sleeping through it but the movie managed to keep Linda and Mr. Speed awake and even shed a few tears in the saddest moments. Gus enjoyed it more than anyone even though it was his fourth time watching it. And I am definitely hooked on the MCU now.

Learning to sail was a blast, we spent our first day out on the dolphins slightly larger than the normal small boats that we’d used but these boats were super good to help us learn in the extremely windy conditions. We learnt how tightening the sail so it didn’t flap made us go faster but tightening it too much could make you capsize as Heather, Asesha and I learnt the hard way in an extremely frightening experience on the second day. Possibly the most frightening prospect of capsizing though was the many blooms of jellyfish.

The weather was variable with winds almost too strong on the first day, the ideal sailing conditions on the second day and almost no wind on the third day. The massively strong winds on the first day confined us to the larger dolphin boats but they were so fun to learn to sail in. The second day though had perfect winds giving us a ripper of a day roaring around Corio bay. Then the last day we had a disappointing lack of winds, but the instructors made this fun by letting us capsize and then taking us out for a glorious ride on the rubber ducks. Overall we were fairly lucky with some awesome weather.

When we first arrived at camp we may have been classmates but we really weren’t that close.  By the time we left we were all friends. The final piece that brought our group together was Fredrick a rubber toy won at the bowling alley, it is now our much loved class mascot.

Overall sailing camp was a very worthwhile trip. I loved the adventure of sailing and the two evening activities were very worthwhile. I’m very glad we went. Thank you Mr. Speed and Linda for a great trip.

Kiara McKerron

Year 9 Student



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