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Sailing Camp

The Year 9 Advance class survived sailing the strong South West winds on Corio Bay last week. The 3-day trip began with a theory session followed by a guided sailing experience in strong winds, in the larger Dolphin boats. Our guides Dave and Lincoln from the Victorian Sailing School were amazing, keeping the students engaged, feeling safe and smiling!

The students were quick to learn and soon took over the jobs as Skipper, First Crew and Second Crew. The evening included a ‘family dinner’ at the very friendly and welcoming Sir Charles Darling Hotel with delicious meals. The group then enjoyed a movie together at the Geelong Village Cinema with snacks to share and plenty of laughs. Our accommodation at the Barwon River Tourist Park for the Wednesday night was enjoyable, allowing us to rest and refresh.

Thursday was a faster learning curve for the students who sailed the dinghies in a crew of 3 with the guidance of Dave and Lincoln form the powerboats. We opted for the small sails with strong winds. The larger sails were used on Friday, with kinder weather, better wind conditions and enthusiastic and more confident students. Speed and control were key. Thanks to all the students who were amazing with all the feedback from the public very positive. A very successful experience for all.

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