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Santa Teresa Visit

Sea to Sand………………………….Sand to Sea

Throughout the year the Saint Teresa, Alice Springs middle school teacher, Katie Digiorgio and the Lorne VCAL teachers worked on an integrated hands on program that enabled the students from both schools to share their lives. The focus was on showcasing the diversity of their schools and community

Last week it was the Lorne VCAL students turn to host and successfully show the Saint Teresa Ltyentye Apurte Catholic school in Alice Springs our wonderful town. Thanks to the incredible generosity of so many they were able to experience the ocean and bush, which for many was for the first time. The week included activities such as surfing, fishing, Live Wire park, cross-age tutoring, bush walking, wild life observing and opportunities to further strengthen relationships and meet outcomes through meaningful, hands on experiences. All aspects of the week were the responsibility of the Lorne students and met many outcomes.

This powerful occasion allowed for all the students to demonstrate leadership skills, experience diversity in culture, create empathy and compassion, demonstrate generosity and kindness, give their time to others and establish new friendships. All these traits are incredibly important for personal growth and employability.

The end of the trip included the VALA Safari, another event organised and run by the Lorne VCAL students. At the dinner the students from both schools showcased their integrated unit through a short film. It was a wonderful way to celebrate the connection.

We give a massive thank you to the following sponsors of this historically significant connection:

Lorne Cumberland (thank you Lee!)

Lorne Hotel (Paul)

Bendigo Bank (Thanks Rob!)

Colac and Torquay Rotary Club

Lorne Community Op Shop

Lorne Aquatic Club and Andrew Allan

Live Wire (Luke and the team)

Lorne Real Estate (thank you Ian!)

Salty Dog fish and Chips

Fruits of the Forrest (thank you Barry)

Roy (bus driver extraordinaire)


Also a huge thank you to all teachers at Lorne, leadership and of course the incredibly hard working VCAL team – Jace, Linda and students. Special mention to Tameika for spending the week making the female students feel incredibly welcome.

Cherie and Jace

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