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School Surfing Titles

Nine Students from the Lorne Campus travelled to Phillip Island on Wednesday 4th May to Friday 6th May along with Glen Hurst and Amy Lane for the Victorian Schools Surfing Titles.

After a long drive to get to Phillip Island on Wednesday night, the students had a training day on Thursday scoping the island for good surf sports in the large swell that was hitting all of Victoria. It was a good test for all students in some larger waves in preparation for the titles the next day and it was great to see all of our surfers challenging themselves! We also did a practice team relay that afternoon to prepare the students for the event which requires each student to catch two waves and then come in and tag the next team member. The team is allowed one hour to try and get all of the surfers through and bonus points are allocated to teams that complete all the surfers in the set time.

Thankfully by Friday the swell has dropped slightly and still offshore but the competition was scheduled for Smiths Beach instead of Woolamai which still had 8 foot sets rolling through and a bit too challenging.

Our team had qualified for the semi finals and came up again Surfcoast, Dromana and Portland. The waves were clean but still large on the sets and required good wave choice from the surfers to maximise their point scoring abilities. Tilo De Bon was our double whammy surfer who was allocated double points for his best wave. Our team surfed very well considering the conditions and placed third in the Semi and unfortunately not qualifying for the final but they didn’t mind as we managed to squeeze one more free surf in before heading home and battling the peak hour traffic of Melbourne which made us all appreciate the area that we live in!

Overall a great trip and a big thanks to Glen Hurst who assisted us on the surf mission and congratulations to all members of the surf team who were a real pleasure to take on camp!

Tilo De Bon stayed on with his mum for the Individual titles over the weekend and competed very strongly in some fantastic surf conditions and placed in the top 10 in his age group. Well done!

Surf Team 2016:

  • Alex Umbers
  • Tilo De Bon
  • Phoebe Lingam
  • Luka Lesosky Hay
  • Tiff Smith
  • Aidan Lewis
  • Oscar Caufield
  • Noah Lingam
  • Clem Matthews

Aiden Noah Tilo1Team