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School Uniform in 2017

One of the opportunities for the school community in our first year as Lorne P-12 College will be to review the current uniform. Until that consultative process is completed our current uniform policy still stands.

Although the uniform has yet to be reviewed, we have taken some interim measures for the families of our secondary students:

Shoes – need to be all black but do not need to be fully polishable. Students may wear all black runners.

PE Uniform – The sports uniform may now be worn to school on days where students have Physical Education.  For females only, students may wear any navy blue shorts that are of similar length to the school PE shorts.  Please note that female students are able to wear leggings for PE classes, however, they must change back into correct school uniform for other sessions.

In the event of a student not being able to wear a part of their uniform on a particular day please ensure a note is written explaining the circumstance. Students are to hand this note to their home group teacher at the start of the day.

 I have been impressed with the appearance of our students at the start of the year with everyone in full school uniform. It has also been very pleasing to see students prepared with their hats for Term 1. I am hopeful that this trend can continue throughout the year and thank you to our parents and carers for their ongoing support of our school uniform policy.



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