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School Uniform Policy

Uniform Policy


At Lorne P-12 College, we expect all our students to wear the College approved uniform every day. Our students and parents take the matter of uniform seriously and the College staff assist students and parents to meet these expectations. This is consistent with the Department of Education (DET) guidelines relating to school uniform.

Wearing the uniform fosters a sense of school spirit and connectedness to the College community. It imparts a sense of responsibility to the students and enhances our values of cooperation, personal best and respect. Our uniform promotes equality amongst our students and is designed to support students to access all curricular and extra-curricular activities they may undertake.


  • To promote a positive image of our school in the community
  • To foster a sense of pride in oneself and our school
  • To encourage a sense of identity and belonging amongst our students
  • To identify our students as belonging to the Lorne P-12 College community
  • To provide low cost, durable and practical clothing for our students and families


All students of Lorne P-12 College are expected to wear full school uniform every day. The uniform must be worn to and from school, at lunchtime and recess, and on all school excursions.At all times the manner in which the uniform is worn will reflect pride in the College. This means that the uniform must be:

  • kept clean
  • in a state of good repair
  • appropriately fitted
  • worn without any non-uniform garments
  • selected from the approved uniform list

Out of Uniform – Note from parents/carers:

Students who attend school out of uniform on any day must provide a note from home offering an explanation as to why they are in breach of uniform policy. The note should also clearly state when the student will be back in uniform. Students repeatedly out of uniform may be asked to attend a lunchtime detention and could result in parent meetings being requested if the issue is not rectified in the shortest possible timeframe.

Clothes for warmth:

The College uniform offers ample cold weather options including woollen jumper, polar fleece jumper, vest and soft shell jacket. Navy long pants, College logo track pants, and tights (navy or black) may also be worn. Any extra layers such as t-shirt or thermals are to be worn under the College uniform, be plain coloured (i.e. no print, surf logos, etc.) and no longer than the uniform sleeve. Students may wear a scarf and gloves as outlined in the uniform list.

Which items to wear and when:

Students may choose to wear any items of approved listed Lorne P-12 College uniform on any school day. This may include College logo tracksuit pants or logo sport shorts. For Year 7-12 sport shoes are only to be worn with college logo tracksuit pants or college logo sport shorts. Students in tailored pants or shorts are expected to wear all black shoes. College logo tracksuit pants or logo sport shorts cannot be worn on excursions other than sport, Advance or specified activities. This means that every student must have black shoes and navy pants and/or navy shorts and/or the school dress as the ‘formal’ college uniform for secondary students.  


All enrolled students and parents must be prepared to adhere to the College uniform policy.

Parents can support students by:

  • ensuring students have access to all required uniform items including all black shoes (Years 7-12)
  • making sure students leave home each morning in full school uniform
  • ensuring all uniform items are clearly labelled with the student’s name
  • providing students with a note should an item of uniform be unavailable
  • communicate with the college should they require financial assistance with uniform

Students are encouraged to comply by:

  • engaging in supportive conversations around uniform in homeroom and subject classes
  • providing an explanatory note from a parent or carer when out of uniform
  • understanding that they will not be able to attend excursions when not in uniform (unless it is explicitly stated that casual clothes may be worn)
  • being prepared to cooperate with necessary consequences for ongoing uniform infringements

College staff will support the students by:

  • ensuring students are in full school uniform when they arrive to homeroom and subject classes
  • requesting notes from students who are out of uniform
  • ensuring students are in full school uniform for all excursions and activities
  • managing students who are frequently out of uniform (including disciplinary action)
  • communicating with parents and carers around uniform issues as needed


This policy will be reviewed regularly and updated with College Council approval as necessary.

This policy was last ratified by School Council: 26/3/2019


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