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Snowy River Camp

Student reflection:

On the 21st of October our year 10 class set out on a once in a lifetime experience, during this trip we would learn life skills impossible to teach in a classroom. The trip set off early Sunday morning and we all set in for the gruelling 8-hour drive up to the great snowy river. We picked up Brent and Jen our river guides along the way. Throughout the week we experienced everything the snowy has to offer from its awesome scenery to its unreal wildlife. We saw snakes, deer, kangaroos and wallabies, platypus and an abundance of birds. Some major highlights of the trip were the massive rock jumps, and pushing people off their boats in between the rapids. Overall everyone really enjoyed the trip and lifetime memories were made. We would like to say a big thanks to Simon and Amy for organising and assisting the trip.

Staff reflection:

We are truly privileged to be able to run activities like the 6 day Snowy River Wilderness Expedition from MacKillops Bridge to Balley Hooley, especially with such a great mob of well-rounded students. The trip is a culmination of learning from the year in the Advance program, providing students the opportunity to demonstrate their competence and confidence, and learn new skills that are unique to ‘self reliance’ and ‘survival’ situations. The trip provides the opportunity for many Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation units, to be assessed.

It is an opportunity for students to remove themselves from routine and their comfort zones, and be able to reflect on a different way of living and initiate them into young adulthood with consequential responsibilities. Students are briefed on the expectations, demonstrated the required skills for success, and then handed over full leadership of the trip (when safe). One outcome includes the ability to organise and operate a trip independently or with friends and family, or even professionally if that pathway is chosen. Parents and Carers, I can recommend the next trip being led and organised by the students. Provide them with the guidelines for the trip and allow them to really show off what they are capable of! It could be a camping trip or holiday. They are all capable of camp set up, cooking, cleaning, safety and hygiene requirements – and they are all ‘great’ raft paddlers!

Our class has a significant focus on Aboriginal and environmental studies. We follow the law of the land; the land owns us, we do not own the land. This is the philosophy of our local and traditional elders of this Country, held longer than any other culture to ever exist. By having this focus, everyone can be guided by the same principles, allow for a common approach to living in the world in a positive way, having minimal impact and only leaving places better than we found them. We thank the traditional custodians of the Snowy River Country, the Gunai Kurnai people and accept the responsibility for caring for the land, regardless of the duration of our visit. We acknowledge the traditional means of acceptance into Country, even if our current structures do not support it. I would like to thank Richard Collopy, Barry Langan, Greg Day and ‘Possum’ Pete Crowcroft for the continued support and knowledge you bring to the school and community.

Thank you for supporting our students to participate in these opportunities. They will remain a highlight of their schooling as attested by all Year 12’s. Thank you to the students for being such an amazing group for making the trip so successful. Thanks to the amazing company: Gippsland Recreation Outdoors including Matt Renshaw and guides Brent and Jen for your amazing professional and enjoyable approach to leading the trip. I encourage students to continue to reflect, keep nature at the front of your thinking, to challenge yourselves daily and to take every opportunity that you can.

Simon Scholtes                                                                  Amy Lane

Advance Coordinator                                                       Advance Leader





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