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Sports Report

Sports report

7- 10 Basketball

On Monday 18th October, Lorne P-12 College and Apollo Bay P-12 College joined together for the Otway Cluster Yr 7-10 Basketball day.

Lorne hosted the Yr 7/8 Teams and our Yr 9/10 Teams travelled to Apollo Bay for what was a fun and competitive day of Basketball.

The standard of game play at both venues was evenly matched and it was great to see the Apollo Bay and Lorne rivalry is still going strong. The sportsmanship displayed by the students was fantastic and the friendships developing through the many links we have with Apollo Bay is getting stronger.

Thanks to all the staff at both schools for organising and refereeing the games on the day. Well done to all students who were involved!

7/8 Team

Lorne 1 Lorne 2
Fraser Lloyd
Jack Louis
Django Justin
Vilnis Ben
Gary Carl
Lucia Angus
Joe Laura
Kiara Ruby
Indi Lily

Yr 7 & 8 Basketball







7/8 Basketball Results

Game 1: Lorne 1 def Abay 1 by 3

Game 2: Abay 2 def Lorne 2 by 7

Game 3: Abay 1 def Lorne 2 by 6

Game 4: Abay 1 def Lorne 1 by 7

Semi 1: Lorne 1 def Lorne 2 by 3 (battle for 3rd and 4th)

Semi 2 Abay 1 def Abay 2 by 6 (battle for 1st and second)

Grand final: Lorne best def Abay best by 2 (Very close game, Lorne having many more shots up than the results show.

Xaliya Phoebe
Karah Jade
Luke Gabe D
Tilo James A
Matt C Simon
Oscar B Clem
James G Liam S


7 & 8 Basketball Pic 2






9/10 Basketball Results

Game 1: Lorne 1 def Abay 1

Game 2: Lorne 2 def ABay 2

Game 3: Lorne 1 def Abay 2

Game 4: Lorne 2 def Abay 1

Semi 1: Abay Vs Abay (battle for 3rd and 4th)

Grand final: Lorne 1 Vs Lorne 2 ( close game!)

5/6 Basketball

Grade 5/6 students travelled to Colac on Tuesday 19th September to compete in the Colac Division Basketball Day coached by Lisa Wadling and Kate Beamish and assisted by Linda Davies.

The students had an opportunity to play against different teams from the various Colac Primary schools and it was a very competitive field. Our teams did an amazing job competing against some very strong teams and they can be commended on their efforts. Thanks to all staff assisted with the event and congratulations to all students who participated!

5/6 Boys Team

Yr 5 & 6 Basketball Pic 1








5/6 Girls Team 








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