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Kimberley is a graduate teacher who has previously been a pre-service teacher at our school. Kimberley has a wealth of experiences that she will bring to our school. Kim is teaching our 3/4 class and she is already strongly connected to the College and our community!

Annette Bean is our new Special Needs Coordinator, due to Heather Grunwald’s retirement at the end of the last year. Annette has a wealth of experience in the Wellbeing area and she has been supporting our families with Out of Home Care students and our primary team with wellbeing concerns for a number of years. Annette will support our school with ‘Student and Parent Support Group’ meetings for students with special needs funding and facilitate access to the Department of Education Student Support Services, such as Speech Therapy, Social Work or Psychology. If you would like to speak with Annette she will most likely be available on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Kim Prince


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