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Uniform Update

Following our second uniform survey, School Council has rigorously discussed the results and made the following decisions in regards to our new school uniform.

These items of the uniform will be retained:

  • Pants – Navy pants, navy shorts, or sports shorts with logo
  • Dresses – Summer dress, winter kilt or pinafore – current styles
  • Shirts – Chambray long or short sleeves

Please note the following modifications to the uniform:

  • Polo shirts – The new polo shirt (long and short sleeves) to be introduced based on very strong feedback from both families and students
  • Jumpers – For the mid layer, we will be keeping the navy blue woollen jumper with logo and the navy blue polar fleece with half zip and logo. We are discontinuing the cardinal red woollen jumper.
  • Blazers – A set of navy school blazers will be kept at school for small groups and individuals to use for specific formal school occasions.
  • Jacket – For the outer layer, we will have a new navy blue soft-shell, hooded jacket with logo. This jacket had positive feedback from students and families.

Further research will be conducted in regards to sleeveless vest options.   The full-zip sleeveless polar fleece vest results in the survey were not definitive, so the uniform team will look at some another vest options such as a soft shell.

The Council decided that ‘layering’ is optional. For example, the soft-shell hooded jacket could be worn directly over the polo or chambray shirts without a mid layer.

The Uniform Subcommittee will continue their work and community consultation to refine other uniform components.  Thank you to everyone for the excellent participation in our surveys thus far. And a huge thank you to the Uniform Subcommittee with Kate Umbers doing an amazing job of leading the navigation of a challenging task, with professionalism and focus!



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