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VCAL – Sand to Sea

Our VCAL students, together with staff Cherie Osta, Jace Healey and Linda Davies have spent this week in Santa Teresa, Northern Territory.

Santa Teresa is located 85km from Alice Springs by road and has around 650 residents. It is situated on Aboriginal land and Santa Teresa was established as a Catholic Mission in the 1950’s to house Aboriginal people who mostly came from the Alice Springs region. The history of the community can be traced to the 1920s when a camp was set up in Alice Springs near Anzac Hill by local Arrernte people moving in from the bush. The country surrounding Santa Teresa is rich in rock art, artefacts and ceremonial sites.

Our VCAL students have been wonderful ambassadors for our school and experienced a very different learning environment and culture. A big thank you to the many school and community members, who have made this fantastic experience possible. We look forward to hearing all about their adventure when they return to school next week!

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