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Year 10 Work Experience

work experience picYear 10 Work Experience 2018

During the last two weeks of Term Two our Year 10 students were gaining experience in a varied array of exciting working environments. This took some students as far as Melbourne and Geelong, while others worked locally in Lorne.

Work Experience allows students to explore their interests and gain insight into choosing the right sector to study and work in.

Miguel Pulido had a fascinating week, working alongside scientists at Clayton’s CSIRO, followed by a week at Deakin University with fellow peers, James Atkinson and Luke Gittings, learning and interacting in all elements of Engineering. Lorne Hospital hosted students Lucy Stewart, Alice Phillips and Karah Bliss-Darcy. Their program allowed them to engage with patients and participate in activities with aged care residents. During Week 2, Karah and Lucy participated in the STEM Work Experience Program for Young Woman at Deakin University. Bailley O’Connor explored areas as far south as Aire River, working alongside Stock and Station agents assisting our agricultural community.

All Year 10 students should feel proud of the maturity and commitment they showed in securing such successful placements.

Well Done!


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