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Year 3-6 Biodiversity Project

For Biodiversity studies in 2015 Years 3-6 students received a letter outlining a proposal to build a John West fish factory on the nature reserve. They propose to take fish from the oceans, river & creek and farm them inside a huge shed. They will knock down all the trees, roads will be upgraded to cater for the large trucks transporting canned fish back to Melbourne. Traffic lights will be erected to help with the increased traffic coming in and out of Aireys. Compensation will be free uncooked fish on Fridays for lunch. A Fish resource centre that the school could use, a breeding program and job opportunities for people living in Aireys. The students then explored the local environments the bush, the beach and the Allen Noble Sanctuary, a local wetland. They investigated the plants and animals that use these environments. Using the inquiry process students chose a plant or animal that lives in their chosen environment and researched:

How does your animal live in its environment? Think about the shelter it requires, life cycle, food. How do other plants and animals depend on it for their survival? What has been the impact of humans on that environment? What can we do to continue to protect your chosen animal or plant as a school and as individuals? Students then presented their researched plant or animal at an Environmental/Sustainability Expo in the last week of term to parents and their peers.

People involved with the Year 3-6 sustainability project included Jeff Clark, a parent who runs a local native nursery and collects seeds and seedlings for planting projects. Members of ANGAIR who guided students through the bush and assisted with identifying local flora and fauna. Members of Estuarywatch who led a local excursion to the Allen Noble wetland area. GORCC (Great Ocean Road Coast Committee) and Ecologic provided students with an opportunity to carry out a student action group at Spit Point that assisted with replanting, brush cutting and cleaning up of the beach and inlet area. They also set up continued connections with GORCC to assist when needed.


Example of student project:-

Missy and Belle’s video. Here is the link below.





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