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Year 9 Sea-kayaking Adventure

Congratulations to our Year 9 students who demonstrated their physical and mental stamina as they completed a sea-kayaking adventure.  Below is a report from Tony Speed, our Year 9 Advance/IBL Teacher:

Last week, I had the pleasure of taking the Year 9 class on a three day trip to Westernport Bay. The aim was to sea-kayak from Hastings 8 kilometres across to French Island, camp the night then kayak 22 kilometres around to Balnarring for our second night. On the third morning we rose early and paddled 12 kilometres past Point Leo down to Shoreham where we had parked the bus and we headed back towards the Ferry to Queenscliff and home.


The weather was wonderful and the students did a fantastic job paddling almost as far as a marathon. They had to take everything with them in the kayaks-food, water, tents, clothes sleeping bags, even rubbish. There was very little complaining and the students had to work hard at supporting one another and working as a team.


A huge thanks to the much loved Linda Davies who once again headed off to challenge herself on an outdoors adventure. As always, her big smile and positive outlook energised the whole group. You may be interested to know that one of the two guides was Chris Davidson who knew all the students and was a huge help.

 The trip was very enjoyable and a good stepping stone as the group prepares for the physical challenge of hiking up Mt Bogong later in the year.



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