We remind all community members that Lorne P-12 College implements a ‘Hands-Off’ rule for all students at all times. The ‘Hands-Off’ rule helps us maintain a safe and comfortable school environment for all students at every year level.

This rule is intended to help students to understand the importance of being respectful of others physical and personal space. It also allows students to reflect on the difference between appropriate and inappropriate physical contact and to understand that different people have different levels of comfort and resilience with regard to unexpected or unwanted physical contact.

Another important element of the ‘Hands-Off’ rule is that is reduces the incidents of pushing and shoving, that may often start off as ‘a bit of fun’ or a ‘game’ between friends, that can very quickly escalate to something more serious. In these circumstances, the ‘Hands-Off’ rule reduces the possibility of unintended physical injury and damage to uniform or personal items.

Ultimately, we want all our students to feel safe and comfortable at all times while at school, knowing they can learn and play in an environment free of potentially intimidating behaviour.

We ask that all students please be mindful to refrain from any unwanted physical contact with their peers and that parents and carers support our young people to understand the importance of this rule.

Shane Elevato