Pants Navy pants or navy track pants or navy shorts
Dress Summer dress or winter kilt or pinafore
Shorts May be worn, however trackpants may not be worn under skorts or dress
Shirt T-shirt in house colour or red/navy skivvy or red/navy polo or Chambray shirt (short or long sleeve)
Top Red/navy jumper, V neck with school logo or blue polar fleece
Shoes Entirely black lace ups or T-bars or any colour sports shoes may be worn
Hat Must be worn when outside during terms 1 and 4; must be a broad brimmed or bucket hat
Sports    Polo and navy shorts – the new sports polo shirt can be worn as part of the uniform on designated PE days for P – 6 students.


Pants and shorts Navy pant or shorts may be worn (no jeans or trackpants for 7-12)
Shirt Chambray short or long sleeve, plain white T-shirt may be worn under shirt, but must not be visible below the sleeves
Top Navy polar fleece with school logo, cardinal red or navy jumper that has a V neck with school logo
Shoes For 7–12 entirely black lace ups or T-bars
Tights Navy or black
Socks White or black or navy
Dress Summer Dress or winter skirt
Hats Compulsory for Years P10 and strongly recommended for students in Years 11 and 12. Hats at 7–12 can be any type but must include a peak for sun protection. They must be worn outside during terms 1 and 4
Coat In cold weather students may wear a plain navy coat or jacket over their jumper or polar fleece outside at recess or lunchtimes
Special Year 6 and 12 top – Year 6s and 12s can wear an individualised top following design approval from the Principal.
Jewellery Restricted to only one each of a small ring, bracelet and/or necklace and only 1 pair of sleepers or studs in ears; any other piercing must have clear studs
Accessories Students may have a choice of colour in headwear, gloves, scarves, ribbons

Sports Uniform

All students P – 12: sports polo shirt with a base colour that is white with house colour logo and trim, together with navy shorts/trackpants. This is the uniform for timetabled PE classes and for other school and interschool events.

For some specialised events (eg: zone athletics, surfing competition) an individualised sports top will be provided by the school.

Uniform Policy

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Mrs Susan Wetton, A Plus Uniforms
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Phone 52437240

Surf Coast Stuff Shop
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