Anti-Bullying Policy

Policy Statement

Every student, staff member, parent and visitor at Lorne P-12 College has the right to be respected and feel safe within the College environment and while participating in college activities.

A person who bullies or harasses another is denying them that right and is not behaving as a responsible school community member.

This policy aims to inform and educate the school community regarding their rights and responsibilities. It also provides a basis upon which appropriate programs and procedures are developed across the college.

These programs and procedures are designed to: develop a culture that does not tolerate bullying and / or harassing behaviour; provide an effective framework within which to address incidents and issues of harassment and bullying.



To provide a safe environment that has a structure to effectively deal with bullying and harassment if they take place.

Students must be able to feel that they can talk about incidences of harassment if the behaviour is to cease. Students are often afraid to report bullying for fear that it will get worse.

Bystander responsibility will be adhered to by all members of the school community. The act of witnessing the bullying of another person and doing nothing to stop it, can also cause harm to the victim as does the person who is actually bullying.

Any form of harassment is totally unacceptable at Lorne P-12 College.

Please visit our Policies page to view our Bullying Prevention Policy