School Council

School Council

School councils play a key role in Victorian government schools. Acting as a team, the school council at Lorne P-12 College supports the Principal to enhance the educational opportunities for students.

Good governance relies on the professional leadership of the Principal, who is the council’s executive officer, the school council president and school council members. The establishment and implementation of appropriate processes achieve a balance between formal meeting procedures and a friendly atmosphere of cooperation.

While councillors bring their own skills and knowledge to the role, they may need to develop new skills and acquire new knowledge in areas that may be unfamiliar to them.

This might include developing an understanding of strategic planning, interpreting data or financial statements, working effectively as a council or understanding legislative and policy requirements of the Department of Education and Training.

Each year there are opportunities for new members to join the council in line with DET council application procedures. Council members typically serve two year tenures in their role.

The purpose of the school annual report is to inform parents and the wider school community of the school’s successes, activities and achievements throughout the year, and to meet Commonwealth and State legislative requirements, including National Partnerships.

Annual reports are made available to the school community at a public meeting organised by the school principal, and on the VRQA State Register.


2020 Annual Report to the school community has been approved by our School Council and is here for you to view –
Lorne P-12 College Annual Report 2020

School Strategic Plan for  Lorne P-12 College
Lorne P-12 College 2018-2021 School Strategic Plan

Annual implemtation Plan 2021
Lorne P-12 College Annual Implementation Plan – 2021

School Council minutes Tuesday June 15th 2021
Lorne P-12 College School Council minutes Tuesday June 15th 2021

School Council minutes Tuesday May 11th 2021
Lorne P-12 College School Council minutes Tuesday May 11th 2021