Communication Guide

Communication Guide

These Guidelines have been developed based on forums and feedback from parents, staff and students to outline the processes of effective and efficient communication to and from parents and between staff members. This document will provide clarity around:

  • The appropriate process for communication between home and school
  • The appropriate process for resolution of any enquiries and issues

To support Lorne P-12 College as a thriving and successful college we must communicate effectively with each other, with our pupils, with their parents and with other members of the wider school community.

We need to ensure that communications between all members of the school community are clear, professional, timely and appropriate.


Definition of communication

Good communication is much more than the exchange of information. It involves the management of relationships and the need to involve people. Communication is as much about attitude and behaviour as it is about message. We should also remember the importance of listening.

Every member of staff has a responsibility to support effective communications and needs to recognise that the quality of their communications reflects on the school’s reputation.

For the purposes of this guidelines communication includes not only the message but also how that message is communicated; not only the responsibility for communication but also how effectively that responsibility is carried out.



All communications at Lorne P-12 College should:

  • keep staff, students, parents and other stakeholders well informed
  • be open, honest, ethical and professional
  • use jargon free, plain English and be easily understood by all
  • be actioned within a reasonable time
  • use the method of communication most effective and appropriate to the context, message and audience
  • take account of relevant school policies
  • take into consideration the Effective Use of Computers and be compatible with the College’s values as reflected in the College Strategic Plan.