At Lorne P-12 College, we expect all our students to wear the College approved uniform every day. Our students and
parents take the matter of uniform seriously and the College staff assist students and parents to meet these
expectations. This is consistent with the Department of Education (DET) guidelines relating to school uniform.

Wearing the uniform fosters a sense of school spirit and connectedness to the College community. It imparts a sense
of responsibility to the students and enhances our values of cooperation, personal best and respect. Our uniform
promotes equality amongst our students and is designed to support students to access all curricular and extracurricular activities they may undertake.

Please visit our Policies page to view our Uniform Policy

Uniform Items


Uniform suppliers

Mrs Susan Wetton, A Plus Uniforms
Shop 5, Belmont Walk
33 Thomson Street
Belmont VIC 3216
Phone 52437240

Surf Coast Stuff Shop
12 Surf City Plaza
61 Surfcoast Highway
Torquay VIC 3228
Phone 52615665