Bring Your Own Device

Bring Your Own Device

This component of our 1:1 technology program requires that students have their own computing device that will be able to access the College wireless network. Giving students the opportunity to be able to use their own device, one with which they are most comfortable, we feel will be most effective and beneficial. Students will have full, unrestricted access to their own software and hardware which will allow them to manage and personalise their device.

Students are free to bring their own technology from home to utilise as part of their learning. (Existing devices are acceptable provided they are approved by the ICT support team.) All guidelines contained in the ICT Acceptable Use Agreement must be adhered to. This agreement is to be signed by all students, parents/guardians at the beginning of each year.

As a college we will support, at this point in time, Apple and Windows based technologies. This includes mobile technologies such as the iPad Mini and iPad, as well as the range of Apple Macbook and Windows laptops/netbooks. Android devices are not supported as they do not meet the configuration requirements of our EduStar network.

With students bringing their own devices to the College to assist their learning, we need to ensure that the technology that they are utilizing is relevant for their learning needs. The requirements/recommendations for student owned devices, including software, are summarised below.

Link to – Details of the BYOD Component