How often will the iPad be used during school time? What will it be used for?

As a College we place a major emphasis on students using technology to assist and drive their learning. However we also understand that, outside of an educational setting skills are still required and relied upon to complete everyday tasks. Staff planning their teaching and learning programs will certainly take this into consideration. That students have a mobile device for anytime, anywhere learning to take place, does not necessarily mean they will using their device all day every day. While the iPad should be able to handle most of a student’s computing needs, it is certainly not intended to replace a laptop/desktop device. The iPad is a companion device. The advantage of the iPad is its mobility and ease of use so it is the perfect tool to take to class, especially for younger students.

My child already has an iPad. Can that be used instead of purchasing a new one?

Yes. If your child already has an iPad, he/she can use it as their 1:1 device.

If you are purchasing a new iPad we strongly recommend buying an iPad 3 or 4 in order to get the most use from the device. Please be aware that traditionally Apple will only support the two most recent models of their devices (currently the iPad 3 and iPad 4), with software and hardware updates and support.

If you are planning on purchasing your own device, here is some information to assist you.

Parents and families who are wishing to purchase an iPad device can do so in one of two ways. Firstly, you can make a general retail purchase (JB-Hi Fi, Big W, etc.). Secondly, you can access our own online Portal (see information sheet for up to date details).

Which model should I buy?

The minimum expectation is that each student in the year levels identified will have an iPad. The model (iPad 3 or 4, ipad Mini), and the size (16Gb-64Gb) are entirely up to you. The most common device we have by far is the 16GB Wi-Fi only model. 3G models are more expensive and require the purchase of a data plan.

The college strongly recommends that parents purchase the Apple Protection Plan for the iPad to extend the warranty and support period to two years.

Should I get the WiFi only or the Wi-Fi + 3G model?

When you purchase an iPad, there are two connectivity options available:

WiFi only – this means the iPad must be in range of a wireless network to be able to access the internet.

WiFi + 3G – this means that the iPad can access the internet via wireless networks, but also via a 3G network from one of Australia’s mobile phone providers (Telstra, Optus, Vodafone, 3 etc.). A micro-SIM from one of these providers is required for 3G access, with an additional ongoing cost.

We see some real advantages in the 3G option as it supports our vision of anywhere, anytime learning. A 3G-enabled iPad allows access information and learning content from anywhere they have mobile-phone coverage (café, park, in the car etc.). However, it is at our parents’ discretion as to whether the additional cost is warranted to enhance the students’ learning away from the college and/or home wifi connections.

Our wireless network at the College will ensure that all devices are connected to the internet at all times (whether 3G or not). While connected to the college’s network there is no charge for usage or downloads. Please note, while connected to the LAIP-12 College network, all traffic from the iPad passes through all our internet filters and security. A 3G–enabled iPad can bypass these filters as it uses an independent 3G network, outside of the college’s filters.

Should I get the 16, 32 or 64GB?

GB is spoken “Gigabytes” and refers to the volume of data the device is capable of storing. For school use a 16Gb model should provide ample capacity. The more applications, pictures, music and movies you want to store permanently on the device will determine the model you require.

Do I need to buy a case to protect my iPad?

Yes. We strongly encourage you buy a case for your child’s iPad in order to protect the device from damage. The iPad is a very robust device and can take a decent knock; however they are not indestructible. Students need to be cautious of not damaging their device and a cover/case will certainly assist them in looking after it.

What apps should I purchase and download so I am ready for school in 2013?

For Year 4 & 5 students, we will be sending a complete list home of all apps we will require to support the teaching and learning occurring in 2014.

Do I need wireless internet at home?

As the iPad is a wireless device it is most effective when connected to the internet, however, you do not necessarily require wireless internet. A lot of the applications that iPad’s run do not require an internet connection, however it does help and can enhance what an application can do.

Can the iPad open Microsoft Office documents such as Word, Excel or PowerPoint?

This is probably the most commonly quoted misconception when talking to people about using iPads. With specific applications installed on the device almost any document type containing images and text can be viewed. Google Apps, and Apple’s Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps can edit and save these types of documents. There are minor limitations with heavily formatted documentations and presentations but with a new device comes a new way of working and students will learn how best to work across both Windows and iPad platforms. It is the well designed compatibility across multiple platforms that is, in fact, what the iPad does very well. The iPad will also work with Mac documents.

I have a PC at home, not a Mac. Will the iPad work with my PC?

The iPad connects to either a Mac or a PC via the iTunes software. It doesn’t matter what you have at home. The iPad will sync, backup and talk to either PC or Mac desktops or laptops. We will be recommending that students regularly back up the iPad on a home computer in case of damage or theft. If a student forgets their passcode this can be reset from the computer with which it was last synchronised. Information about the restoring and backing up iPads can be found at the Apple website

Can parents control the use of the iPad at home including which apps are installed?

Yes. It is important that students use these devices responsibly and we will be working with parents to make sure that this is the case. Parents can set various controls and we will cover these features during our parent workshop sessions.

Will students need iTunes accounts to use with iPads?

Yes, and No. iTunes accounts, or Apple IDs are needed to download and install iPad applications, however we strongly recommend that parents/guardians create and set up the iTunes Accounts and do all managing for the students. Students must be 13 years or older to have their own iTunes account. This will ensure parents can monitor all applications that are being downloaded. We will discuss the options for setting up iTunes accounts in our parent workshop sessions.

Does an iTunes account require a credit card for purchases? How will I keep my student from charging iTunes purchases without my permission?

No. iTunes accounts can be created without a credit card, however you will need an iTunes gift card/voucher when setting up an account for the first time. iTunes gift cards can be used to credit the account so that purchases can be made to buy apps, music, TV shows and movies. Once the value of the gift card has been exhausted, no further purchases can be made until another gift card is added, or, you add a Credit Card to your account. Parents do have the ability to control the installation of applications and can set up an iPad to require a password. This affects the adding of applications, music, movie or tv purchases.

Will students receive support in setting up their iPads and how to best use it for their learning?

Yes. Teachers who have had extensive professional development will spend time with all students in their classes showing them the basics of the iPad and its operation and how it can support their learning.

What level of IT support will the College provide?

Our College helpdesk staff will be available to support iPad users and their families.

We will provide assistance with technical issues, such as ensuring that the student’s iPad connects to the Wi-Fi network and all available services such as email. The IT Department will not undertake mechanical repairs. All iPads should be under warranty, so any technical faults will be addressed under the terms of the warranty meaning that parents/families are responsible for having devices repaired.

Will students get another iPad to use if theirs is broken or is somehow made unusable in the classroom?

Depending on the College owned devices, if there are iPads available for students to utilise then yes, however this will be limited to a strict 2 week timeframe. For students who do not receive a spare device, other forms of technology such as classroom iMac devices will be able to be used.

What if my question isn’t answered here?

Please ask! We understand that there may be some early confusion and you may have questions that have not been answered in this document. We welcome input from parents, students, and the community and would be grateful for any constructive criticism. If you have any further questions or concerns about the program please contact the college through college reception and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

As a college we have dedicated a great amount of time in investigating research in to 1:1 technology programs. As mentioned we see the use of the technology, primarily mobile technology, as an outstanding tool in assisting and complementing what the students are learning at the College.

For more information on our 1:1 iPad Program, please access Pads 4 Learning Blog:

Who will own the iPads?

Where the IPads are privately purchased, the iPad is the property of those parents, being used in conjunction with the school’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Warranty and Insurance

If you are providing a privately purchased iPad, you will have the option of purchasing the 24 month Apple Care or settling for the standard 12 month Warranty. You will need to pursue your own insurance for the device, whether it is through your Home Contents Insurance, or through specific insurance you seek out for the iPad.

It has been our experience that insuring personal mobile devices is cost prohibitive, especially when the policy premium is combined with the excess required to make a claim.

Can I install my own apps?

It is the student’s responsibility, in association with their parent or guardian, to install the required apps onto their iPad, and to sync it to a machine at home to ensure all content is backed up. At the beginning of the year, all families participating in the program will be supplied with a list of apps that must be downloaded and installed. Instructions about how to do this will be provided. Students may install other apps or media on the iPad providing:

  • the installed media meets the requirements of our Acceptable Use Agreement. Any breaches of the Acceptable Use Agreement may result in confiscation of the iPad until the situation has been remedied.

  • the installed media does not infringe copyright laws

  • there is enough storage available to engage in all educational requirements

  • Downloading apps, music, games and videos from the internet during school hours is prohibited except when directed by a teacher.

How will I charge my iPad? Can I charge it at school?

All iPads need to be charged at home overnight and returned back to school fully charged at the beginning of every day. The iPad battery will last a typical school day. It will not be practical to charge iPads at school.

What kind of contract or agreement needs to be signed?

  • iPad Acceptable Use Agreement needs to be signed by all students involved in the program and their parents.

Where do the devices go when not in use?

When not in use, the devices will be kept in a locked area. No iPad is to be taken outside during recess or lunch times except for with the specific permission of a teacher. Students will be strongly advised to keep their iPads in their zipped up school bag when travelling between home and school.

How will teachers be trained and supported?

Our Year 4 & 5 teaching team has been working with iPads longer than almost any other teaching.

They undergo ongoing Professional Development in 21st Century curriculum delivery, which includes the role Lorne P-12 College 1:1 iPad Program technology plays in how our students learn.

How much will the iPads be used in class? What about the issue of too much ‘screen time’?

Because the iPad is simply another tool that supports student learning (granted, a very powerful and multi-faceted tool), it is impossible to say exactly how much it will be used as this will change depending on the learning tasks at hand.

The concept of a 1:1 program is that devices can be there when needed to allow for ‘just-in-time’ learning. That is, where students can access key pieces of information where and when they need them to assist them in completing learning tasks. We view 1:1 programs as an opportunity to put IT equipment into the background of our students learning, rather than being the focus. It is no longer appropriate for students to have scheduled ‘computer time’ on shared devices, where they stare at a screen for extended periods and then have no access to them after that.

A true 21st Century curriculum demands more regular access, but this access will often be in far shorter time spans. Students may need to check a fact, look up the location of a town on a map, use the calculator app to help solve a more complex equation, or watch a 5 minute instructional video.

The devices may be needed in a variety of ways but only as a tool in support of achieving a broader learning task.

What about handwriting?

Students will continue to write with paper and pencil and work to improve their handwriting as well as developing  their keyboarding skills. Much of the time, pen and paper remains the best tool for the job. We will assist students to choose the correct tool for their learning tasks.

What about spelling?

There is a common myth that spelling is negatively affected by technology. This has not been supported by research. In fact, research is being done to find out if the opposite is in fact true. Spell checkers on electronic devices allow students to have immediate feedback on which words they have spelt incorrectly. This then allows students to pursue the correct spelling of that word within the context they are using it. Accurate and timely feedback such as this has consistently been shown to be the single most powerful influence on student learning.

We believe that for spelling to be properly learnt it needs to be explicitly taught, regardless of the amount of access to technology our students have. We have a whole school explicit spelling program running at Lorne P-12 College and this will continue in 2014.

How are you going to supervise the use of iPads?

Teachers will supervise students as they would for any learning activity as they create and maintain a safe, comfortable and learning-focused classroom. Appropriate use of the internet service within the DEECD network is closely monitored by a filtering system, which allows for inappropriate content blocking by a regularly updated list of categories and sites. This does not apply to use of devices outside of the school network.

At Lorne P-12 College we place an emphasis on cyber safety and appropriate use of electronic devices beginning right from the first day of Prep through to Year 12. Students will be challenged to develop their own ICT Acceptable Use documents as they are taught about their online responsibilities and their ‘digital footprint’. In this way, they have a shared understanding and ownership over the standards that are expected at our school.

In 2012, Lorne P-12 College registered to become an ‘eSmart’ school. This is a whole school program designed in conjunction with the Education Department and the Alannah and Madeline Foundation for schools across Australia.

This is a comprehensive cyber safety program and our students will be expected to meet its guidelines.

The school monitors usage at school, but who monitors it at home?

That is the responsibility of the parents. When off school grounds, parents have an obligation and full authority to monitor device usage. Examples of this include:

  • encourage use in a family or shared room and not in the bedroom or other private spaces

  • restrict use at certain times of the evening or weekend

  • regularly examine the documents, browsing history and other contents of the device.

An aspect of this program we are greatly looking forward to is the increased communication and cooperation between home and school in regards to online behaviours and device use.

Available Support Resources

What if the iPad is used for inappropriate purposes?

If behaviour occurs that is outside our school’s Information Communication Technology Student Agreement or 1:1 iPad Program Acceptable Use Agreement, the iPad may be confiscated from the offending student for a period of time, as deemed appropriate by that student’s teacher.

Will children be safe carrying 1:1 devices?

Experience here and overseas has shown that there are very few incidents while students travel to and from school.

Most of our surrounding schools also have 1:1 programs and student safety has not been an issue at these schools to date. Students will be strongly advised not to remove their iPad from their school bag between school and home.

How will the program be evaluated?

As with all teaching and learning programs at Lorne P-12 College, the effectiveness of this initiative will be continuously monitored. A more formal evaluation will occur in the second half of 2014. This will include looking at the program’s impact on such areas as literacy, numeracy, information literacy, communication, collaboration, creativity, personalisation of learning, differentiation, ICT skills and global connectivity. This evaluation may include, but will not be limited to:

  • Anecdotal evidence provided by teachers, parents and students

  • Surveying parents, students and teachers concerning the impact of 1:1 access on student learning.

  • formalised test results

Will my child be required to share their iPad with students that don’t have one?

No. The iPad you supply for your child is theirs to have as a personal device that supports their learning.

Students will be free to share as they wish, but will not be required to allow other students to use their iPad.

What if I choose not to participate?

While every endeavour has been made to make our program the cheapest 1:1 program on offer anywhere, we understand that the cost involved may still be prohibitive to some families.

We would ask that parents make an effort to engage with the school to discuss any reservations, and also read the available material in this booklet.

If for whatever reason you choose not to participate in the program, your child will still have access to our school ICT resources as usual. This program is not designed to replace school provided devices, but rather to supplement them. Our students will still have the same access to our central resource of laptops and iPads.