P-6 ICT Program

P-6 ICT Program

At Lorne P-12 College, we understand that the need for up-to-date technology for learning is not optional. Technology now forms a vital part of a high quality, fully rounded education in the 21st century. Young people are now using technology to assist them in life and learning. We feel the need that students must be able to access digital information, tools and resources from anywhere, any time and in ways that lead to a deeper engagement and understanding.

We believe that today’s students think, connect and communicate differently to the way their peers did only a few years ago. We are aware that our students live in a world where information can be accessed and shared quickly over the Internet; where they can communicate with peers and create new knowledge.

As technological trends continue to expand and grow, so do the needs of our students. With the introduction of tablet computing and mobile device technology, we as a College need to ensure that our students are using rich and relevant technology to complement their learning.

With the introduction of mobile device technology we have seen a greater shift in learning and education moving from inside the classroom to out, and the development of students as more independent and self initiated learners.

“If we teach today as we taught yesterday,
we rob our children of tomorrow.”
John Dewey

The use of technology in our setting has certainly taken us on an amazing journey since we implemented our first 1:1 netbook program in 2013. To develop and foster a whole college culture of technology integration from the start has certainly led us to where we are now: educational leaders in technology integration.

We as a College have worked tirelessly to ensure that even with the integration of high end technology to support learning we never lose focus of the number one indicator that promotes student learning:  good teaching.

Even though the students of today will know nothing less than the technology that is always available to them, as a College we need to ensure that we are constantly delivering the best teaching practices to our students. We are fully aware that the students we are now teaching are:

  • more self-directed
  • better equipped to capture information
  • more reliant on feedback from peers
  • more inclined to collaborate
  • more orientated to being their own ‘modes of production’

With students having 1:1 access to their own device, they can utilise their technology to support the above.