Purchasing Options


Purchasing Options


The school has arranged an online purchasing portal with Learning with Technology (PC netbooks).

If needing to purchase a PC netbook we strongly recommend Learning with Technology as their products are available with a 3-year on-site warranty and fast repair service. They will also do user repairs onsite.



Apple Store, JB-Hi Fi, Harvey Norman, Big W, Office Works, etc.

Apple has a tight control of product pricing so it is rare to find discounting beyond 5-10%. It is also possible to purchase Apple products with educational discount directly from Apple. Apple offer repayment schemes (currently 12 months interest-free before Christmas). Apple also offer refurbished devices with Apple warranties as if purchased new.

Via Apple’s online store, there are 2 separate purchasing sites which you may find beneficial. The education store, store.apple.com/au-hed, and the refurbished specials.